Peavey AT-200 (Auto-Tune Guitar)

Call for Price


Product Description

Peavey Electronics®, creators of the award-winning AT-200™ guitar powered by Antares® Auto-Tune®, is proud to announce newly enhanced software packs.

With innovative technologies allowing players to create music in perfect tune and intonation with the simple push of a button, the AT-200 now features improved sonic quality and realistic tones with enhanced software packs developed by Peavey and Antares. Plus, with a 30% decrease in price, the software packs are now more accessible than ever before.

In addition to overall improvements to sound and clarity, engineers made additional advancements to the Acoustic, Lipstick, and Bass models, and added the all-new SLO Custom HSH and Japan Custom HSH models. These models allow AT-200 players to achieve incredibly versatile tones that no other guitar can match.

Featuring three options, the Essential Pack, the Pro Pack, and the Complete Pack, the software packs add a variety of powerful new features to the AT-200, including the aforementioned guitar models, along with alternate tunings, doublings, capo settings, global transposition, fine tuning, MIDI control, the ability to save and load presets and more.