Steinberger N/S Wave Bass

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he NS Omni Bass combines the feel and tonal character of an electric upright bass with the ease and familiarity of the 34″ scale, bridging the divide between an EUB and a bass guitar. This innovative and exhilarating instrument is one of the clearest examples of the raw conceptual energy which Ned Steinberger brings to his work. Explore the CR Series with EMG™ magnetic pickups, active electronics and advanced tone shaping capabilities. Learn about the straight-ahead pro level NXTa Omni Bass featuring the new battery-free active output electronics, and our most affordable high performance WAV Series. Note the various 4 string and 5 string models, fretted and fretless, tuned in 4ths. Find out about the TransRadius™ fingerboard, which provides a familiar large radius feel for the left hand but which is arched for the option to bow at the bridge. Finally, check out the remarkable freedom of movement and instrument positioning which the Boomerang™ Strap System provides.